By Thomas Schnur


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Material: powder coated steel, composite wood covered with laminate
Size: 47.2 x 47.2 x 28.7 inch

TWIST table

A Good Turn
Our Twist table incorporates an unexpected detail: a turn in the metal legs and base. This twisting makes the table stable as well as more interesting. The equally sturdy tabletop is high quality composite wood covered with an innovative high-pressure laminate that is matte and soft to the touch while being resistant to fingerprints and scratches. A comfortable size, the Twist can easily accommodate four to six people. It makes a wonderful dining table or as a meeting surface in an office.

Design philosophy

The Poetry of Physics

Twist’s bends may look quite simple, but getting the right rotation took time… and an understanding of physics. We experimented with different metals, different widths of metal and different degrees of torque before we found the perfect twist.

Twist’s Origins

It began with a twist of paper. While riding on a train, designer Thomas Schnur was playing with a strip of paper, experimenting with different bends and twists. He began to consider the possibilities of applying these twists to metal. His first thought was a clothes hanger, but the design soon evolved to the base of a table and Twist emerged.